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Timber Frame Buildings, Houses and Extensions 

Believing timber is the most environmentally sustainable construction material we are on a mission to prove it

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What Are Timber Frame Buildings?

Timber frame buildings make beautiful extensions and homes which add value, provide more usable floor space and support the environment.

The timber frame carries the load of the building to the foundation so you can rely on it for strength and sustainability.

Meanwhile the outer skin or cladding is a matter of choice and aesthetics. Whether you decide on brick, stone or lightweight cladding such as timber boarding, tile hanging or render, your home or extension is unique.

The ability to incorporate thermal insulation between external walls and the membrane makes timber frame buildings the ideal choice in these times of rising energy prices.

As the UK faces a housing shortage, timber frame buildings are quicker to construct than the traditional brick build and are equally suited for apartment blocks as well as single homes and extensions.

Timber Frame sheathed wall with brick cladding


Why Timber Frame?

As a developer or builder already using timber frame construction you know the value of a high quality, precision engineered product for speed and ease of use.

Timber frame construction from manufacturers in the UK like Benfield Timber Buildings are based on factory-made structural elements. This means you can reassure customers of the quality and integrity of the construction and build.

With planners increasingly concerned about the environmental aspects of constructions, timber frame buildings have the advantage of lower CO2 emissions than a traditional brick build.

Growing trees absorb carbon dioxide and residues from the timber industry are largely re-used for other products. The embedded energy within a timber building is also considerably less than other materials. With ethical sourcing, where trees are replanted, this provides genuine sustainability.

Timber Frame

We Do

What We Do

At Benfield Timber Buildings, we take your architect designs and translate them into a timber-frame solution. We then agree any changes that make sense structurally before manufacturing the timber frame panels to be delivered to site for erection by your own teams. Insulation and membranes can be pre-fitted and this is normally requested to speed up assembly on site.

We also manufacture pre-cut rafters to enable you to maximise usable space within the building and would normally recommend this which aligns with our environmental objectives.

Timber Frame Panel


Why Make The Change?

If you’ve never considered timber frame construction, then let now be when you make the change.

Customers and planners are becoming increasingly environmentally aware and the demand for building materials which are sustainable, cost-effective and quicker to construct than traditional brick is growing.

Timber offers a genuinely environmentally friendly method of construction. With ethical sourcing trees are replanted. Our team at Benfield Timber Buildings are committed to becoming the first carbon-negative builder in the UK.

Timber frames provide more usable floor space. They are easy to insulate which makes them ideal in times of rising energy prices.

As a builder or developer, you can be assured our design team at Benfield Timber Buildings work closely with your architect to ensure you have the perfect fit. We agree changes before manufacturing, so the timber frame panels delivered are ready for construction. What you get is a dimensionally accurate structure which you can start work on right away reducing risk and time on site.

On developments where planners want separate, rather than integral, garages, a timber frame car port or garage is a quick and simple solution. Local sourcing for this work comes from woodland in Wales where our factory is based.

Brick and Block
Timber Frame

We work with small and medium-sized builder developers on sites of up to thirty plots although larger projects can be accommodated. This means we understand what you need to keep your customer happy from the initial design through to completion.

We believe collaboration is the way forward and will always recommend the simplest and most appropriate solution for you and your clients.

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Why Use Benfield Timber Buildings?

Once you have decided to use a timber frame structure for your development the next step is who to work with as a supplier.

Developers and builders across the UK want a trusted manufacturer they can rely on for delivery, ease of installation and the technical knowledge needed to ensure the timber frames have been accurately engineered to the highest specifications.

You want a supplier who understands timber frame construction. Our team at Benfield Timber Buildings are passionate about timber frame buildings and each piece is value engineered with quality in mind. It’s in our DNA.

Perfect fit

We have been producing timber frame buildings from homes and extensions to outdoor buildings such as garages and car ports for 50+  years. Our knowledge of the industry and the way wood works as a construction material is second to none.

We take your architect designs and translate them into a timber-frame solution ready to be off-loaded on site for your customers. You can be reassured our controlled factory environment means the buildings are more dimensionally accurate.

Insulation and membranes can be pre-fitted to speed up assembly on site.

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